How Aruna Shielded the Earth From Surya’s Wrath

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Table of Contents (Complete Mahabharata in Simple English)

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Note: In the previous post, we read why Surya Deva felt let down by the other gods, and, consequently, decided to destroy the world. In this post, we’ll read about how the world was saved from his wrath.

After the sun set in the western direction, he began to radiate immense heat for the destruction of the world. 

When the rishis perceived the heat, they approached the gods and said, “the heat radiated by Surya in the middle of the night is terrifying. It will destroy all three worlds.”

Concerned about the impact of Surya Deva’s wrath, the rishis and devas met Brahma Dev and said, “Surya has not yet risen, but still a great heat is emanating from him. It is creating much panic in the world. This being the situation when he has not yet risen, it is certain that the world will be destroyed when he rises.”

Brahma Dev replied, “Indeed, I am aware that Surya will burn and destroy everything in the world when he rises tomorrow, but I have thought of a remedy. Aruna, the intelligent son of Kasyapa, has a huge body and great splendor. He will stay in front of Surya and be his charioter. Aruna will also shield the earth from Surya’s excess heat. This will ensure the safety of the worlds, rishis, and the denizens of heaven.”

Aruna agreed to Brahma Deva’s command and Garuda appointed him as Surya Deva’s charioter. The next day, when Surya rose, the world was protected by Aruna who stayed in front of Surya.

Note: There is a possibility this story of Surya increasing his heat is symbolic of an astronomical event.

In the next post, we will return to the story of Vinata’s slavery to her sister, Kadru.

Table of Contents (Complete Mahabharata in Simple English)

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