The Pitris Explain Their Background and Suffering to Jaratkaru

The higher lokas according to Sanatana Dharma

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Note: In the previous post, we read about how Jaratkaru saw his Pitris hanging upside down in a hole. That sight filled Jaratkaru with empathy and he asked the spirits who they were and what he could do to alleviate their suffering.

In this post we will find out the background of the spirits of the Pitris and why they were suffering.

The pitris continued, “O brahmana, let us tell you who we are. We are rishis of rigid vows from the Yayavara sect. The fruits of our severe penances are still with us, but we have fallen from the sacred region because of the loss of children. We have only one thread left now. The only descendant we have, Jaratkaru, has studied the sacred Vedas and it’s branches, but unfortunately, he practices his asceticism alone. He is one with his soul, his desires are high, and his passions are completely under control. He is even free from the desire for the fruits of his ascetic practices. But he doesn’t have a wife or son or any relatives and that is the cause of our deplorable state.”

The Vyavahara rishis did not know they said these words to Jaratkaru himself, their descendant. After explaining the reason for their suffering, they said to Jaratkaru, “O noble one, if you meet him, please tell him that his pitris are hanging in a hole on a single cord with their face down. O, tell him to marry and have children. He is a great ascetic but his heart is still underdeveloped (and, therefore, by implication, he should get married so that the relationship would help him develop his heart). His sense of prudence is also underdeveloped. O child, when you meet that wretch Jaratkaru, tell him everything you have seen here, and tell him that having a child is even more virtuous than ascetic practices (in the current situation). Convince him to marry and have children.”

Note: In the next post, the Pitris explain the allegorical meaning of “hanging upside down on a single cord of root.”

Table of Contents (The Complete Mahabharata in Simple English)

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