Vasuki is Anxious About the Future of the Serpents After Jaratkaru Leaves his Sister

Vasuki wound around Lord Shiva’s neck

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Note: In the previous post, we read about how rishi Jaratkaru found a completely insignificant occasion to get displeased with his wife and leave. Without taking sides, I’ll simply say why he acted with such callousness. The marriage between him and Vasuki’s sister was for a specific reason. Once the reason was fulfilled, he wanted to release bondage to the material world and return to his penances. Therefore, he found a reason to get offended which would help him leave.

In this post, we will read about the discussion an anxious Vasuki has with his sister after the rishi left.

After Jaratkaru left, his wife immediately went to her brother, Vasuki, and told him everything that had happened. Hearing this made Vasuki feel even more miserable than his sister.

Vasuki said, “O sister, you know the reason for your marriage to the high-souled rishi. A son born from this union will save us all in the snake sacrifice. Brahma Deva, himself, had said this in the presence of all the gods. O sister, have you conceived as a result of the marriage with the great rishi?”

Vasuki was uncomfortable asking these questions to his sister, but, considering the welfare of the snakes, he had no other choice. He said, “O amiable sister, I know it’s improper for me to ask you this question, but the gravity of the situation is such that I have to ask. Tell me in detail everything that has happened in the relationship between you and the high-souled rishi. Tell me everything and remove the affliction that troubles my heart. 

The Naga princess consoled her brother and said, “When I asked the rishi about offspring, he said, ‘There is,’ and went away. He has never spoken a lie even for fun, so I don’t think he would say something that’s not true on such a serious occasion. He told me not to grieve about the result of our union. He said that a son, resembling a blazing fire, will be born. Therefore, O brother, release the deep sorrow from your heart.”

His sister’s words brought peace to Vasuki’s heart, and he said, “So be it,” and the chief of the snakes adored his sister with his best regards, wealthy gifts, and beautiful eulogies.

Meanwhile, the embryo in the Naga princess’ womb began to develop with light like the waxing moon.

Note: In the next post, we will read about rishi Astika, the son of Vasuki’s sister and the high-souled rishi, Jaratkaru.

Table of Contents (The Complete Mahabharata in Simple English)

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