A Summary of the Shanti Parva

The 12th parva of The Mahabharata is the Shanti Parva. 

This parva contains 14,732 shlokas (verses) divided into 339 sections.

Yudhishthira felt depressed after the war. He mourned the death of his family members: granduncles, uncles, cousins, teachers, and so many loved ones who had perished in that terrible war. He was overcome with a sense of gloom and helplessness at the loss.

In this state, Yudhishthira approached Bhishma and various rishis for guidance. In response, Bhishma, who was still on the bed of arrows, explained various systems of duties to Yudhishthira. These systems contained teachings worthy of kings who sought such knowledge.

Bhishma explained the contextual nature of duties in relation to specific times and circumstances. He also explained the reasons for specific duties and actions.

Bhishma also spoke about the mysteries of final liberation (moksha).

The person who understands these teachings attains complete knowledge of everything that is worth knowing.

By understanding these, a person attaineth to consummate knowledge. 

This parva is considered to be the favorite parva of wise people.

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