A Summary of the Ashwamedhika Parva

The Aswamedhika Parva is the 14th parva of The Mahabharata. This parva contains 3320 shlokas (verses) divided into 103 sections.

The battle was over and the Pandavas had established their noble rulership.

This parva begins with the excellent story of Samvarta and Marutta. 

After that is the event where the Pandavas discover a golden treasure.

This is followed by the birth of Parikshit who was revived by Krishna after being burnt by Ashwattham’s celestial weapon in Uttara’s womb.

This is followed by Yudhishthira conducting the Ashwamedh yagna and releasing the sacrificial horse.

Arjuna followed the horse and battled with any prince who seized it.

One of the princes who seized the horse was Arjuna’s son with Chitrangada (king of Manipur’s daughter). This son, whose name was Vabhruvahan, was more than a match for Arjuna, and the battle that followed proved to be highly risky for Arjuna.

The Ashwamedhika Parva ends with the story of the mongoose when the horse-sacrifice was performed.

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