A Summary of the Anusasana Parva

The Anusasana Parva is the 13th parva of the Mahabharata. It consists of 8000 shlokas divided into 146 sections.

This parva describes how Yudhishthira was finally able to make peace with himself after hearing Bhishma’s deep explanation of a king’s duties.

The Anusasana Parva provides an even more detailed treatment of the rules, explained by Bhishma, in the previous parva.

It also gives us greater insight into the rules regarding Dharma and Artha.

Next, it goes on to describe the rules related to gifts and donations.

This parva also describes individual duties, rules of conduct, and the merit of truth. 

It tells us about the immense merit of Brahmanas and cows.

Finally, in relation to duties, this parva explains how to understand the correct duty that needs to be performed in the context of time and place.

The Anusasana Parva also tells us about the importance of Brahmanas and cows.

The parva ends with the ascension of Bhishma to heaven.

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