A Summary of the Ashramvasika Parva

The 15th parva of The Mahabharata is called  Asramvasika Parva. This parva contains 1506 shlokas divided into 42 sections.

In this parva, Dhritarashtra and Gandhari accompanied by Vidura, left Hastinapur and retired to the forest.

The virtuous Kunti also left her sons’ palace to join Dhritarashtra, Gandhari, and Vidura in their journey to the forest.

Through the grace of Vyasa Muni, Dhritarashtra was able to meet (in the forest) the spirits of his children, grandchildren, and other princes who had perished in the war. This meeting helped Dhritarashtra overcome his sorrow, after which he and Gandhari acquired the highest fruit of their earthly merits.

The wise Vidura, who had always been on the side of Dharma, also attained the most meritorious state.

The learned Sanjaya (the son of Gavalgana), who was also the most skilled minister of the Kuru court, attained the blessed state.

The parva ends with sage Narada informing Yudhishthira about the extinction of the Vrishni race. This was the race, Sri Krishna belonged to.

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