Did Sringin Regret His Rash Action?

Table of Contents (The Complete Mahabharata in Simple English)

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Note: In the previous post, we read about why Sringin’s wise father, Sage Samika, was displeased with his son for cursing King Parikshit.

In this post, we will find out if Sage Samika’s words had any effect on Sringin.

After hearing his father’s words, Sringin replied, “O father, regardless of whether my action was rash or not, regardless of whether you like it or dislike it, the words I have spoken will have their effect. I have never uttered a lie, even for fun, and, therefore my words will come true.”

Samika, Sringin’s father, heard his son’s words calmly and replied, “Dear son, I know you are very truthful because of which your words have great power, and what you have spoken will come true, but, my child, I want to tell you something important. A father continues to guide his son even when he becomes mature, so that the son may acquire good qualities and fame (resulting from virtue). When even a mature offspring needs guidance, a child who is very young, like you are, needs even more guidance. My child, you are always engaged in ascetic penances, but even great ascetics who have all the six attributes (of greatness) experience an increase in anger when they perform such penances. That is the reason I feel the need to guide you. It’s because I am aware how strictly you observe your ascetic vows and I’m also aware that you’re still a child and often rash in your actions.”

Note: In the next post, we will see how Sage Samika tries to help King Parikshit escape his fate.

Table of Contents (The Complete Mahabharata in Simple English)

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  1. Aarti
    Aarti says:

    As always, an addictive read. Want to keep reading.The father explained things so beautifully to his son.
    A lesson for all of us, each word we speak must be treated as sacred. Words must not be spoken carelessly, thoughtlessly and idle chatter must be avoided at all costs. Ofcourse we are not ascetics like Siringin, whose words come true, but we do have to respect the power of speech bestowed upon us. Looking forward to tomorrow’s episode.

    • Parag
      Parag says:

      What you mentioned about being careful with what we speak is so important. There are definite karmic consequences of careless speech, so we absolutely have to respect the power of speech we’ve been given. Thank you so much for pointing it out so clearly!!!

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