Rishi Veda Chooses to be a Teacher and Enter Into Domestic Life

After passing the test his teacher had designed for him, Veda entered the domestic mode of life and had three disciples learning from him. Having learned under a teacher who although loving was a hard taskmaster, he did not want to subject his pupils to harsh discipline. Therefore, he never forced them to obey his commands or perform difficult tasks.

One day, King Janamejaya and Paushya came to Veda’s residence and appointed him as their Upadhyaya (spiritual guide). Sometime after being appointed the Upadhyaya, Veda had to leave his house to attend to work related to a yagna. Before leaving, he asked one of his disciples (Uttanka) to take care of the house in his absence. His parting words to Uttanka were:

“Do whatever needs to be done in my house without neglect.”

Having said these words, Veda left to attend to his work.

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