Brahma at a 6th/7th-century temple in Aihole, Karnataka
Note: In the previous post, we read that the entire world was plunged into a state of distress after Agni receded in response to Bhrigu’s curse. All the Gods and rishis went to Brahma Deva to seek a resolution in the dispute between Agni and Bhrigu. Consequently, Brahma Deva summoned Agni to pacify him.

In this post, we will read about how Brahma Deva pacified Agni.

When Agni approached Brahma, the latter spoke with Agni in these gentle words, “O Agni, you are the creator of the worlds and you are the destroyer! You are ever-present in the three worlds and you facilitate the sacrifices (yagnas) and ceremonies. Therefore, please act in a way that ceremonies are not interrupted.”

Brahma continued, “O Agni, you who first eats the sacrificial ghee (clarified butter), you who is the lord of everything, why are you acting so foolishly? You alone are pure in this universe and you will stay pure. You will not have to eat impure things with your entire body. Only those flames that represent your baser nature will eat impure things. You also exist in the stomach of all beings. That part of you will also have to eat flesh and other impure things because it exists in the stomach of carnivorous animals. However, just as everything that is touched by the sun’s rays becomes pure, everything that is burnt by your flames will also become pure.”

Brahma Deva continued his explanation to Agni, “O Agni, you are the supreme energy born from your own power. With that power of your’s allow rishi Bhrigu’s words to come true. Come back into the world and continue to receive the offerings (through your flames) made to you and to the Gods.”

Agni was satisfied with Lord Brahma’s explanation that even though he may have to consume impure things, only a small part of him will have to consume them, and that part too will be able to purify those items as soon as they are burnt in his flames.

He replied to Brahma Deva, “So be it,” and returned to the world to obey the command of the great Brahma.

This decision of Agni caused everyone (the Gods, rishis, and all creatures) in the world to rejoice and Agni also rejoiced because he was freed from the prospect of sin.

Note: This post ends the story of Puloma. In this story, we read about the virtuous lady Puloma, the rakshasa who abducted her, and the birth of Puloma’s child (Chyavana). We also read about how Puloma’s husband (Sage Bhrigu) cursed Agni and how Agni returned to the world after hearing Brahma Deva’s words. 

In the next post, we will begin the beautiful story of Ruru and Pramadvara, with Pramadvara’s birth.

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