Anukramanika Upa-Parva

Ugrasrava Sauti Goes to Naimisha Forest

Creation Story of the Universe as Explained in the Adi Parva of The Mahabharata

Lord Ganesha Becomes Vyasa Muni’s Scribe

Sauti Compares The Mahabharata to a Tree

A Brief Summary of The Mahabharata

Dhritarashtra’s Lamentation: A Summary of Main Events till the end of the War

Sanjaya Consoles Dhritarashtra

The Benefits of Reading the Mahabharata

The Story of Samanta Panchaka


Sangraha Upa-Parva

The Strength of One Akshauhini

A Listing With a Brief Outline of all the Parvas of the Mahabharata

A Summary of the Adi Parva

A Summary of the Sabha Parva

A Summary of the Aranyaka Parva

A Summary of the Virata Parva

A Summary of the Udyoga Parva

A Summary of the Bhishma Parva

A Summary of the Drona Parva

A Summary of the Karna Parva

A Summary of the Shalya Parva

A Summary of the Sauptika Parva

A Summary of the Stri Parva

A Summary of the Shanti Parva

A Summary of the Ashwamedhika Parva

A Summary of the Anusasana Parva

A Summary of the Asramvasika Parva

A Summary of the Mausala Parva

A Summary of the Mahaprasthanika Parva

A Summary of the Swargarohana Parva

Ending of the Parva Sangraha


Paushya Upa-Parva

The Curse of Sarama — The Celestial She-Dog

Rishi Ayoda-Dhaumya Tests his Pupils

Destiny Tests Uttanka (Rishi Veda’s Disciple)

Uttanka Goes to Hastinapur


Pauloma Upa-Parva

Ugrasrava Sauti Asks the Ascetics of Naimisha Forest Which Story They Want to Hear Next

A Brief Description of Sage Bhrigu’s Family

A Rakshasa Abducts Bhrigu’s Wife

Sage Bhrigu Curses Agni

Agni Deva’s Response to Sage Bhrigu’s Curse

How Agni Deva was Pacified by Lord Brahma

The Story of Apsara Menaka and the Gandharva King’s Daughter

Sage Ruru and Pramadvara — A Beautiful Love Story

Ruru’s Anger Toward Snakes

Rishi Sahasrapat Regains His Human Form


Astika Upa-Parva

Sage Jaratkaru Meets his Pitris

Rishi Jaratkaru Places Some Conditions for Getting Married

Jaratkaru’s Son Astika — the Saviour of Serpents

The Birth of Garuda – the Serpent Eater

Samudra Manthan Begins

The Tired Gods are Re-Energized by Narayana to Continue Churning

Neelkantha Mahadev Saves the World from the Kalakuta Poison

Vishnu’s Mohini Avtaar

Rahu Tries to Steal the Amrit

The Battle Between Danavas and Devas for the Amrit

The Bet Between Vinata and Kadru

Vinata and Kadru Cross the Great Ocean to See Uchchaihsravas

Vinata Becomes Kadru’s Slave

Garuda’s Splendor

The Gods Request Garuda to Reduce his Brightness

Why Surya Deva Wanted to Destroy the World

How Aruna Saved the World From Surya Deva’s Wrath

Vinata and Garuda Serve as Slaves of Kadru and her Snake Sons

An Island Called Ramanayika

Garuda Questions His Slavery

Garuda Wants to Eat Before Battling for the Amrit

Garuda Meets his Father

Vibhavasu the Tortoise and Supritika the Elephant

Garuda Takes a Detour to Protect the Valakhilya Rishis

Sage Kasyapa guides Garuda and the Valakhilya Rishis

Garuda’s Mission Causes Disturbing Omens in Heaven

The Devas Get Ready For a Battle With Garuda

Indra’s Past Mistake That Created Karmic Disturbances in Heaven

Sage Kasyapa’s Decision Regarding a Second Indra

Garuda’s Fierce Battle With the Devas

Garuda Breaks Past Obstacles to Seize the Amrit

How Garuda Became Vishnu’s Vehicle

Indra and Garuda Become Eternal Friends

How the Snakes Became Garuda’s Natural Food

Garuda Frees His Mother From Slavery

Names of the Principal Snakes Involved in the Tryst With Garuda

Shesha Naga Performs Ascetic Penances to Get Away From His Siblings

Sesha Naga Becomes the Earth’s Axis

Vasuki Convenes a Meeting of Serpents to Find a Way to Neutralize Kadru’s Curse

Strategies Proposed by Various Serpents for Their Welfare

Elapatra’s Suggestion to His Snake Brothers

The Devas Request Brahma Deva to Help Vasuki

The Meaning of the Name Jaratkaru

King Parikshit Commits the Mistake of Insulting a Noble Sage

Sringin’s Wrath

The Wise Sage is Displeased With Sringin’s Rash Action

Does Sringin Regret His Rash Action?

Sage Samika Tries to Help King Parikshit Escape Sringin’s Curse

King Parikshit’s Response to Rishi Samika’s Message

Sage Kasyapa Heads to Hastinapur to Help Parikshit

Takshaka Goes to Hastinapur

Parikshit’s Son Janamejaya is Crowned the Next King

Rishi Jaratkaru Meets His Pitris

The Pitris Explain Their Background and Suffering to Jaratkaru

The Pitris Explain the Allegorical Meaning of the Rat and the Single Cord of Root

Jaratkaru Places a Condition for Marriage

Jaratkaru Finds His Wife

Jaratkaru Marries Vasuki’s Sister

Jaratkaru Leaves His Wife

Vasuki is Anxious About the Future of the Serpents After Jaratkaru Leaves his Sister

Rishi Astika is Born

Janamejaya Inquires About the Circumstances of King Parikshit’s Death

Janamejaya Decides to Avenge His Father’s Death

The Snake Sacrifice Begins

Names of the Rishis, Priests, and Ritwika Who Participated in the Snake Sacrifice

Takshaka Seeks Indra’s Protection

Astika is Asked to Save the Serpents

Astika Reaches the Location of the Snake Sacrifice

Janamejaya Wants to Give Astika a Boon But the Hotri Wants Him to Wait

Takshaka Appears in the Sky

Astika Asks For His Boon

Janamejaya Grants Astika’s Boon

How Takshaka Was Protected From Falling Into the Fire

Astika Returns Home

Names of the Snakes Who Perished in the Sacrifice


Adivansavatarana Upa-Parva

King Janamejaya Requests Rishi Vyasa to Narrate the Story of His Ancestors

Rishi Vaishampayana Sets the Stage With a Brief Account of the Mahabharata

Benefits of Reading the Mahabharata

Satyavati’s Birth

Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa’s Birth

A Summary of the Birth of the Main Characters in the Mahabharata

Why Did The Celestials Take Birth On Earth As The Pandavas And Other Beings?